Sefton Resources

Sefton Resources, Inc. is in the principal business of oil and gas productin through our wholly owned subsidiaries, TEG Oil & Gas USA Inc. and TEG MidContinent Inc.

Administrative offices are in Denver, Colorado. The company trades only on the London Stock Exchange AIM Market. The trading symbol is SER. The initial public offering occurred on December 8, 2000.

The near term tactical objective is to: “Build a strong stable platform of assets, generating sufficient cash flow to operate and
grow the business.”

Main core area of activity is the East Ventura Basin in California, in which Sefton owns 100% of two oil fields; Tapia Canyon (heavy oil) and Eureka Canyon (medium gravity oil), both of which have over twenty years of expected production life. In addition, Sefton has over 40,000 acres in the Forest City Basin of Eastern Kansas to develop Coal Bed Methane gas, as well as having conventional oil and gas projects.

Current Activities

current activities

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23 Mar 2015
Change of Head Office

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